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Add:West of 200meters Laizhou Convention Center in Laizhou KEDI Industrial Park (South of Highway Laizhou Exit Ramp, west 200 meters of Convention Center)

Plastic net equipment

  Plastic Geonet & Drain Net Production Line

Name: Plastic Geonet & Drain Net Production Line
Details :

Plastic Geonet & Drain Net Production Line

This Line fits for producing Geonet/Drain Net, treat HDPE as the main material and anti-aging agent are added. The machine has reasonable design and auto-operation. If changed die mould, it can be produced various kinds of nets. Such as: drain net, three-dimensional net, square net, etc.


◆Geonet is used for highway, airport, park as the subgrade treatment.

◆Drain net is used for dewatering of refuse landfill, subgrade, inwall of tunnel.

◆Protection of massif, road side, pipeline, dike, etc.

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